India can become skill capital of world: NSDC

Jayant Krishna Chief Executive Officer, NSDC talks to Sanjeev Sharma

The National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) has a mandate to deliver skill development to 150 million youth by 2022. Jayant Krishna, CEO, NSDC, says with adequate support from the industries and corporates, "India can become a skill capital of the world."

Q: What has been the progress of Skill India Programme?
A: The Skill India Programme was launched on July 15, 2015. Since then the ecosystem has seen a lot of reimagining and restructuring with great synergies and convergence across ministries, departments and organisations. The National Policy on Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, 2015 also ensured streamlining across all levels leading to skill development at scale with speed and standard (quality). The ministry's flagship scheme, Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana, encouraged many youth to undertake skill development courses and become employable. Till date, 410 Kaushal Vikas Shivirs have been conducted across 300 constituencies in the country to mobilise the youth. Over 9 lakh candidates have been enrolled into the courses.

Q: What is the NSDC strategy for enhancing skill development?
A: We have a target of skilling 150 million youth by 2022. We have expanded our ecosystem by scaling up skill councils to 41 and training partners to 249. But this year has primarily been spent on aligning ourselves with the streamlining and the convergence that has been brought about by MSDE.

Q: What have been the achievements of the NSDC so far which has been tasked with skill development?
A: NSDC works with corporates, foundations and PSUs to design and structure large-scale skill development projects as part of CSR.

Q: There are often demands from industry that necessary skill set is lacking to provide jobs. What is your viewpoint?
A: We have defined National Occupational Standards (NOS) now, which sets a benchmark for the quality of the skill training provided to the candidates.

Q: Is skill development converting into job creation?
A: The Prime Minister launched three major campaigns for the country which will eventually give India its direction for growth - "Make in India", "Digital India" and "Start-up India". These will require special focus on skill sets in the manufacturing, construction, IT/ITeS, e-commerce, hospitality, healthcare and other sectors. Job positions that will have high demand in the years include data scientists, retail planners, product managers, digital marketers, and senior IT professionals. Engineers will continue to have a high demand.

Q: How is industry participating in skill development campaign?
A: NSDC is encouraging a larger role of the industry so that more apprenticeship opportunities are created. Industry needs to intensify funding part of the training cost as an investment for skilling/up-skilling its own manpower and adopt skill development as a significant component under their CSR efforts. I am confident that with adequate support from the industries and corporates, 'India can surely become a skill capital of the world.'

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